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Mix and Match: Enjoying Interracial Swinging
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Mix and Match: Enjoying Interracial Swinging

Posted By My Wild Lifestyle     October 7, 2016    


The swing lifestyle has been a fun ride. I've met interesting people of all walks of life. Young and mature, all shapes, sizes and cultures. What I have noticed, and it may be based on my limited experience, the lifestyle tends to be very segregated. All black, all hispanic, all white, that's pretty much it. Each group stays amongst themselves and there isn't a whole lot of mixing.  Blacks, and latino do mix, especially if there is an interracial couple, but for the most part, play parties tend to be rather segregated.

Whenever, I see a hot date posted, and the host emphasizes "classy", I laugh to myself and ask... what are they trying to say? No low-class individuals allowed? Who wants low-class people at their party? No one wants loud, unruly guests, why does "classy" have to be stated on the hot date invite? Or, is there some other meaning to their desire to emphasize the need for "classy" individuals?

I've read profiles that specifically state, "no black males" a preference for an individual couple is fine, but as a prerequisite to a party? I've witnessed instances where couples didn't want to entertain white males. I had a Italian play partner who got no love from the other women... which meant I couldn't play with their men either. After seeing that happen one time too many, I no longer attended parties with him. He was well hung and skilled, I knew it, but the other females weren't interested in having sex with a white male. A white hispanic male mentioned the same issue to me. Most women wanted a BBC, they didn't want to play with him. The women, regardless of race, assumed white males would be less endowed. This assumption is one of the worst stereotypes. All black men aren't hung, all white males aren't small.


One of the saddest experiences that was brought to my attention was a particular hostess who only fucked black males are her pay for play parties. I was unaware of this policy and invited her to a free private party. She showed up and only played with the host, who was white. I was later told by someone who has known her for years... she is very particular about the color of men she will fuck. I called bullshit, and told him... nope! She will only fuck black men, if they paid to attend her event. She refused to fuck black men for free, but will gladly fuck any troll who shows up at her event and paid for the pussy! He tried in vain to defend her play partner preference... but, couldn't.

Then there was a play party where my mentor tried to explain away why the blacks and hispanics played with each other, and the white couples only played with each other. The hotel room was sectioned off, bedroom and living room. Blacks and hispanics happened to be in the bedroom, and the white couples happened to be in the living room. According to my mentor, the reason why things played out the way that they did, was due to the fact that the rooms were separated. Okay, fine. I didn't see what I thought, I saw. Or, I'm just pissed that I didn't get to play with those two hot white guys... or that sexxy ass girl. Yeah, that's it, I didn't get what I wanted, and I turned it into a racial issue. Maybe.

Now, I say all of that to say... I love diversity at a play party. The more that I have to choose from, the better. More people to choose from, check! More racially and culturally diverse, check! A mixture of newbies and vets, check!  The more the merrier. Like minded swingers sharing and swapping should not be segregated. Nope, not that. The loud,  rowdy, ill mannered, ummm no... they can stay home. Keep them on the banned list. 


Happy Hunting,