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Her Dream versus Reality- By Boss Blaque
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Her Dream versus Reality- By Boss Blaque

Posted By My Wild Lifestyle     October 8, 2016    


Ahh ladies, the coveted MFM. Two straight men and a very, very happy woman. This is my personal favorite. The center of attention for two hungry males. This is as close to swinger nirvana as some of us will ever get. Other than group sex, of course. In a MFM, I let the men take the lead, it's the perfect time for me to relax and be pampered. I am the feast, and they are the famished.

Be as prepared as possible...
Are you ready for this? Really ready to become food for two hungry men? Are you prepared to hold your own when, and if things get primal? Are you ready to deal with your partner possibly losing his shit as he watches you enjoy another lover? Are you ready for the smile on your husband's face as he watches you gag on another man's cock? In a MFM threesome, you must have at minimum 2 fully functioning holes. Is your vagina up for some serious pounding? Is your tongue and throat ready to lick and suck until the men are tired? For those who like anal... are you sure, you wanna do this?

Your partner knows every inch of your body, your likes and dislikes. If the third in your MFM is a man that you have laid with in the past, you are ahead of the game. If not, you are in for a world of surprises. You can talk about all of your likes and dislikes, but once dicks get hard and pussies get wet, the rules tend to bend a bit. Is the new guy going to remember that you don't like a finger in your pussy when he sucks on your clit? Will he remember to pull your hair when he's fucking you from the back? When he unexpectedly slips a finger in your ass, will you freak out or go with the flow? How will you tell him to shut the fuck up, when he's talking too much during sex? 

Pillow Princess not allowed...
You're the center of the threesome and are expected to fully participate. Grab a dick and get to sucking. Move those hips and get to fucking. Trying to find a smooth rhythm can be tricky. If each male is in his zone trying to get his nut, his way... things can get very tricky, and you as the female will get caught up in their tug of war. Stand your ground and remind them, this is your party and they have to focus on your needs. Keep sucking and fucking. Catch you breath and keep them both focused on the mission, fucking you into a wonderful orgasm!

Double trouble...
Don't let your vagina cloud your judgment. Every MFM fantasy in your head, doesn't need to be fulfilled in the first MFM that you experience. Two dicks in your mouth at the same time... well, not all guys like the idea of crossing swords. One or both may go limp at the attempt. Let the fellas introduce that idea. Double penetration, one in the frontdoor, the other in the backdoor... unless you are an anal queen, leave this one to your 3rd or 4th MFM with guys who are both comfortable with you, and each other. Here's the thing... the membrane that separates the vagina from the anus is very thin. Once inside of you, each guy can feel his dick sliding against the other dude. Crossed swords is a feeling many guys cannot tolerate. Losing an erection is a possible side effect of double penetration. 

There is no perfect approach to the MFM, but the more you know, the better it will be. My first was at a hotel party. Everyone came to play and boy did they ever. Anal was not expected, so, it was a wonderful introduction. I did lose track of the order of things once or twice, but the men always brought me back on track. Keeping focused has always been an issue for me. My favorite MFM position is doggy style, one in my mouth the other behind me. But, when things get hot and heavy, I always focus on the guy behind me, and can't concentrate on properly giving head. I. must. work. on. that! The guy behind me gets rode hard... and the guy in front ends up watching us orgasm. Then we switch and the other guy gets his... but the oral can get sloppy once I'm penetrated. I always keep this in mind, I have to learn to focus.

Find a position that works best for you.
You may have to try out a few. Bent over doggy style works best for me. The guys are farthest apart and don't have to cross paths much. Lying on your back one in front and the other at your head is another good position, but, this can be a bitch on your neck. Get a pillow, or have him sit at an angle that works best for you. Reverse cowgirl, riding one, while giving the other head is also a good option.

Happy Hunting



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  • tightntasty82
    tightntasty82  · November 11, 2016
    Im learning so much through these blogs thank you!!
  • XNL721
    XNL721  · October 14, 2016
    @catsgotya you will be doing a lot more than holding a damn towel LOL jump in after you take that pic I miss you boo!!!
  • SweetsAndT
    SweetsAndT  · October 14, 2016
    my lady acts as if she's afraid of this scenario but I think she secretly craves it. I'll convince her one day. Lol
  • catsgotya
    catsgotya  · October 14, 2016
    @XNL721 ....If you need a camera woman or towel girl, I humbly volunteer my services.