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The Swing Club Struggle
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    • Last updated December 9, 2017
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The Swing Club Struggle

Posted By catsgotya     June 28, 2017    


Hey Guys,

Here are some Quick Tips to a Successful (as in having fun, not getting laid...I ain't nobody's pimp) night at ANY swing club:

1. Do your research. Figure out what night is catering to the best crowd, theme and price range for your sensibilities. Off nights, like Mondays or anything midweek, are more attractive for those with thin pockets (no hate, no shade)...but you get what you pay for: an off night with no guarantee of a crowd, or maybe crowded with a rowdier or less desirable bunch of folks, more {possibly creepy} single dudes. The larger and more organized parties tend to be planned far in advance so that folks have time to plan and prepare to come out.


2. Bring Sand to the beach- If you are a couple, let's keep it 100. You should NEVER have any complaints about going out with your sexy Bae and having a good time. Treat every LS adventure as a Sexy Date Night for you both. Outside of that, reach out to any prospects and entice them to come out and party with you. You are on a damn swinger website. Get out of your fucking house and meet some damn swingers! If you start up a dialogue 1st with folks, you will worry less about getting a cold shoulder in person. Even if they are aloof in person (most aren't if you actually speak to them like cool, somewhat sane and respectful human beings), then you know that those aren't the people that you need to be around. Not everyone will like you, or vice versa. It happens. Spend your energy connecting with those that do. And develop a thicker skin to rejection. In this world, you will need it.


3. Have NO Expectations- People are people. One minute it might be a go with some sexy strangers, the next minute, someone gets cold feet or a couple squabble or some other "party done". Shit happens. The less you go into things expecting a payout from anyone other than you and your Beloved, the far far FAR less chance that you set yourself up for disappointment. When things don't pop off with others, man up and and bang your personal hottie silly on one of the beds.


4. Lastly, once get what you pay for- Y'all let me know in what other scenario IN LIFE would you get a place to dress up as scandalous as you want, eye fuck other scandalous sexies, possibly meet and fuck said scandalous sexies on amenities provided, drink as much as you bring and not get arrested or raided for your Hedonistic behaviour...all in the span of a legit night out? You ain't getting that for 30 bucks a couple. Leave the vanilla club prices right with the vanilla club mentality. This IS a far different world.


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  • vonfuch
    vonfuch  · May 9, 2018
    Well stated
  • AriesQueen
    AriesQueen  · June 28, 2017
    Wooohooo!! Applause!!!